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The Reel Deal Happy Face Media, Inc.  

Happy Face Media, Inc. TM began in 1999 as a multimedia company specializing in advertising, promotional campaigns, event planning, copy writing, and media consultation. Formed by Mark Sells and Payton Dunham, two marketing specialists with over 25 years of experience, HFM took on such clients as Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Anheuser Busch, Daewoo Automotive, and many more. And their production and promotional efforts instantly earned them recognition nationwide.

However, HFM's primary focus is film - writing, producing, directing, and scouting. Over the last several years, the company has been involved in numerous large and small projects from Alejandro Inarritu's "21 Grams" to HBO's "The Laramie Project." More recent projects include:

A Guide to Recognizing your SaintsMoebius/Xingu Films
Untitled Jim Jaramusch ProjectFocus Features
June BugEpoch Films
Forty Shades of BlueMirage Enterprises
PalindromesExtra Large Pictures
Silver CityIFC Productions/Anarchists
Best Laid PlansLahoma Productions
La La LandPrescott 5 Productions
Jo (pilot)CBS/Aaron Spelling Productions

Additionally, the company is branching off into independent film production. With their first short film, "Forever," under their wing, Happy Face Media TM is positioning itself to become a leader in the independent film industry.

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