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Colorado Resident Named Top Film Critic of 2003

Mark Sells, film critic for The Denver Herald and resident of Denver, CO, was selected as the 8th Best Film Critic of 2003 along with other well-known critics such as Roger Ebert and James Bernardinelli.

The list was compiled by Herb Kane, a nationally recognized film journalist specializing in critical assessments of film critics. Also known as the Critic Doctor, Kane's list of Top 10 Best and Worst Critics of 2003 can readily be seen at: Critic Doctor - "Where Movie Critics Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine."

Writes Kane of Mark: "Pirates of the Caribbean" is one of my favorite movies of 2003 and Mark wrote my favorite review of the movie. While some critics ought to walk-the-plank with their negative reviews, Mark's review is the wind behind the sail - pushing us to the high seas. I also liked his positive take on "Terminator 3," which means "I'll be back" to read more of his writings in 2004.

Writing under the moniker, "The Reel Deal," Mark's criticism emphasizes the positive aspects of a film, while also encouraging movie lovers to take a chance on independent and international films that don't receive the attention that the big budgeted Hollywood films do. "I like movies that make you think, that get you to see something in a different way, that have a lasting effect on you. And oftentimes, it's the indies and foreign films that take the big risks and go out of their way to affect you."

Mark's picks for best film of 2003 include: "In America," "Lost in Translation," "Whale Rider," "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," and "American Splendor." His criticism can be seen regularly in syndication with The Denver Herald, The Oregon Herald, The New York Daily Times, and many more publications across the country.

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