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July 23, 2010

303 Magazine - Film Blog

This month, I was asked by 303 Magazine to be their resident film blogger. Essentially, that meant writing on a variety of different topics and including some Denver related film events and activities (since the magazine is based in Denver).

So, I began blogging a few weeks ago and seems to be a lot of fun. I've included some of my recent blogs below, but definitely bookmark "The Reel Deal" on 303's site and you can be notified whenever a new post goes up. And don't worry - the only Denver-centric topics are in the 'Events on the Radar' section. The rest will cover film recommendations for the week and broader topics.

The Reel Deal: Total Eclipse of the Heart (July 7)
The Reel Deal: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (July 22)

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Mark Sells
The Reel Deal

July 23, 2010

MovieMaker Magazine - July 2010

My very first cover story! For MovieMaker Magazine's Future of Moviemaking 2010 issue. My story entitled "The Avatar Effect" made the front page!

The article discusses the impact that a film like Avatar will have on the future of cinema. Most specifically, the independent community. And includes an exclusive interview with Jon Landau, Academy Award winning producer of Titanic, executive producer of Avatar, and James Cameron's partner at Lightstorm Entertainment.

With technological advancements in CGI and 3D, Avatar has set a high standard. So, what's next? Is 3D here to stay? And can independent filmmakers make a film like Avatar, but on a smaller scale? The answers may surprise you.

Featured: Jon Landau (Avatar), Basil Iwanyk (Clash of the Titans), Mark Lewis (Cane Toads: The Conquest), Steve Schklair (U2 3D), Louis Friedman (Piranha 3D), and Vincent Teulade (Pricewaterhouse Coopers).

If you cannot find on the newsstand, check it out here: MovieMaker Magazine - The Avatar Effect

Mark Sells
The Reel Deal

June 28, 2010

Denver Magazine - July 2010

Continuing the green theme, I put together a feature profile on Miranda Bailey, Vail native and director of Greenlit, a documentary about Hollywood's efforts to go green. This recently hit stands a few weeks ago as part of Denver Magazine's July Eco-focused issue and is entitled "Project Greenlit."

The main focus is on Bailey's documentary that is essentially, a movie within a movie. Following the production of The River Why, which Bailey's company Ambush Entertainment produced, Greenlit takes an unbiased approach at green filmmaking first hand.

Featured: Miranda Bailey (Greenlit) and Lauren Selman (Reel Green Media).

If you cannot find on the newsstand, it too was made available online: Denver Magazine - Project Greenlit

Also, look for Greenlit in your area and check local film festivals. A trailer can be found here:
Greenlit Trailer

Mark Sells
The Reel Deal

April 26, 2010

Moving Pictures Magazine - Spring 2010

This year, I began several pieces on green filmmaking. The first comes in the Spring 2010 issue of Moving Pictures, entitled "Green Zone."

It discusses all of the challenges facing Hollywood and indie filmmakers today in attempting to 'go green.' From pre-production to production to post and distribution. It covers the efforts of the Environmental Media Association (EMA) and other organizations to create standards as well as taking a look at current productions like Valentine's Day, Away We Go, and Greenlit.

Featured: Diana Pokorny (Valentine's Day), Miranda Bailey (Greenlit), Lauren Selman (Reel Green Media), Tiffany Calhoun (Eco/Pictures), and Wayne Allan Rice (Valentine's Day).

If you cannot find on the newsstand, it was recently made available online:
Moving Pictures Magazine - Green Zone

Mark Sells
The Reel Deal

January 25, 2010

MovieMaker Magazine - January 2010

Just in time for Sundance! The Winter 2010 issue of MM. And my latest article, "Sense and Sensibility: Real Lessons in Indie Distribution."

It highlights lessons from indie filmmakers distributing their work, from the audience to the business to the art, the promotion, and the technology. And touches on the amazing ride of indie sensation, Paranormal Activity.

Featured: Paul Devlin (BLAST!), Jaime Gomez (In the Blink of an Eye), Cory McAbee (Stingray Sam), Valerie Weiss (Losing Control), and Sally Potter (Rage).

Mark Sells
The Reel Deal

November 23, 2009

Denver Life Magazine - Winter 2009

In "Reel Colorado," I take an in depth look at filmmaking in Colorado - the history, the landscape, the successes and failures.

In particular, the focus is on state incentives and the struggle to compete with other states offering more and how maintain and promote films and filmmaking in Denver.

Featured: Colorado Film Commission, Denver Film Society, Mayor Hickenlooper, Kevin Smith, and Donna Dewey.

Mark Sells
The Reel Deal

November 23, 2009

MovieMaker Magazine - November 2009

"A Different Kind of Stock for a Different Kind of Market."

This piece examines the latest trend in stock footage.

Specifically, how filmmakers are capitalizing on the availability, quality and format, licensing, and creativity advantages of such footage.

Featured: Artbeats, Buyout Footage, GlamourKey, Global ImageWorks, and HBO Archives.

Mark Sells
The Reel Deal

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