What Are Online Scratchcards & How To Play Scratchcards

Most people in todays times will prefer to take the most convenient route possible, most of our daily functions can now be done over the internet right from our homes, you can’t get more convenient than that.When it comes to the internet, one of the latest introductions is online scratch cards

 In the past we would have walked down the street to the nearest to the nearest corner shop or kiosk to purchase a scracth card, but now with the introduction of online scratch cards you have the more convenient route of purchasing the online scratch cards from your office or home

The online scratch cards function the same way as the original scratch cards the only difference now is that you do not need to use a coin or your fingernail to scratch, but rather use the mouse pointer.


There are two types of online scratch cards

  • The downloadable type, where you would download software to your computer and purchase and scratch using this downloaded platform.
  • Online based scratch are available directly from online scratch cards websites, which you can connect to directly through your web browser.

The Price Range

As with all scratch cards, the online scratch cards vary in price, generally from $1 to $5 and as expected there is the major jackpot prize usually starting from $10 000 up to $100 000. However not like regular scratch cards, the online scratch cards offer greater odds of winning, every second or third card as opposed to regular scratch cards being a one-in-five chance.