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The Reel Deal Interviews  

Interviewed by Mark Sells
April 2007

At 13 years of age, Keke Palmer is one of the finest young actresses around. There was her sentimental turn as the abandoned young girl in "The Wool Cap." Her beautifully uplifting performance in last year's hit, "Akeelah and the Bee." And now, one of her most challenging and dramatic roles, as Samuel L. Jackson's daughter in the upcoming mystery/thriller, "Cleaner."

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March 2007

Nicki Aycox is not your typical girl next door. Yes, of course, there are those fluffy pics in Maxim and Playboy a few years back. But don't kid yourself. This native Oklahoman is one serious actress - humble, hard working, and refreshingly down to earth. Says Nicki, "Being from Oklahoma, you're taught how to work hard. And you don't let other things get in the way" - other things that might stand in the way of acting.

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"I'm a little off my agenda," says Michael Emerson from his comfy Hawaiian villa. And no, he's not talking about getting stuck on a remote island in "Lost." A classically trained, Emmy Award winning actor with amazing character turns in film and television, Emerson looks to return to the stage as Prospero or Leer. "My agenda has always been that when I am an old man, I will be playing those classical parts." And for good reason.

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