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13 Assassins  


Shinzaemon Shimada: Koji Yakusho
Lord Matsudaira: Goro Inagaki
Sir Doi: Mikijiro Hira
Koyata: Yusuke Iseya
Hanbei Kitou: Masachika Ichimura
Review April 2011

The year is 1844. A time when the feudal shoguns still ran Japan. And a young lord, thirsty for power, rapes and kills with impunity. With the lord's sadistic ways showing no signs of slowing down, a noble shogun decides to put an end to the reign of terror by hiring 13 samurai warriors to assassinate him. Known for such cultish blood baths like Audition and Ichi the Killer, director Takashi Miike actually tones down 13 Assassins ever so slightly. And as a result, delivers his finest, most accessible film to date. A raw, breathtaking samurai adventure that nods to such classics as The Seven Samurai and Hidden Fortress. Yes, there is plenty of blood in 13 Assassins, but Miike quietly builds his characters and their dilemmas, leading up to a grand spectacle of swordplay that includes a whopping 45 minute action finale.

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