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Georges: Jean-Louis Trintignant
Anne: Emmanuelle Riva
Eva: Isabelle Huppert
Alexandre: Alexandre Tharaud
Review January 2013

Michael Haneke is well known for violent, confrontational, and utterly disturbing movies like Funny Games, Time of the Wolf, and The Piano Teacher. But his latest film, Amour, is something different, tenderly and painfully depicting the final test of true love. Well into their eighties, Georges and Anne are retired music teachers, enjoying the fruits of their labors until one day over breakfast, Anne suffers a mild stroke. Over time, her condition deteriorates as her husband does everything to keep her alive, knowing full well the end is near. Unlike so many films that sensationalize love as a young person's game, Amour is tough love. The kind that comes unexpectedly, while watching a loved one confront the realities of old age. French stars, Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant, turn away from the glamour to show something more honest and revealing. And Haneke's direction is spot on, demonstrating how a blank stare conveys more truth than words. Amour is as heartbreaking and real as it gets.

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