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The Artist  


George Valentin: Jean Dujardin
Peppy Miller: Berenice Bejo
Al Zimmer: John Goodman
Clifton: James Cromwell
Doris: Penelope Ann Miller
Review January 2012

Cinematic nostalgia is back in vogue as The Artist, a sensational throwback to the silent era of film, makes its way to audiences worldwide. Directed by French auteur, Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist is a masterpiece on many levels - both dramatically and historically. In Hollywood 1927, silent movie superstar George Valentin has a difficult time adjusting to the future. Specifically, the age of talking pictures. Meanwhile, a young dancing sensation, Peppy Miller, appears to be a star on the rise, ready for her moment of fame. With nods to such classics as The Jazz Singer, Singin' in the Rain, and Metropolis, The Artist acts as a movie within a movie, depicting the beauty and bittersweet end of an era. With a touch of romance and comedy, a dash of drama, and one scene stealing Jack Russell terrier - The Artist has it all. Visually stunning, imaginative, and cleverly scored and choreographed, The Artist is quite simply and quietly, the year's finest film.

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