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The Beaver  


Walter Black: Mel Gibson
Meredith Black: Jodie Foster
Porter Black: Anton Yelchin
Henry Black: Riley Thomas Stewart
Norah: Jennifer Lawrence
Review May 2011

Anti-semitism, bigotry, alcoholism, domestic violence - Mel Gibson's fall from grace has been well documented. And it makes his latest film, The Beaver, all the more interesting. In the film, Gibson plays Walter Black, a man so depressed, he has ruined his family and his business. After a failed suicide attempt, he stumbles upon a hand puppet in a nearby garbage bin and attempts to repair his psyche by communicating solely through the beaver. Directed by Jodie Foster, The Beaver takes an outlandish premise and turns it into a very serious and sensitive commentary on mental illness. And regardless of what you've read in the tabloids and have come to know about Mel Gibson off screen, on screen, he is still a man with many talents, perhaps made even more compelling in this story where art so closely imitates real life.

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