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The Cabin in the Woods  


Dana: Kristen Connolly
Curt: Chris Hemsworth
Jules: Anna Hutchison
Marty: Fran Kranz
Holden: Jesse Williams
Sitterson: Richard Jenkins
Hadley: Bradley Whitford
Review April 2011

Every full moon a new horror film comes along that promises to reinvent the genre and become the next Scream or The Blair Witch Project. This week, that film is The Cabin in the Woods. In the film, five college kids go into the backwoods to blow off some steam, have a few drinks, make out, and of course, die gruesome deaths. But that's where Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, veterans of shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Lost," and "Alias," take things to a whole new level, where the clich?s become the casualties and nothing is ever quite what it seems. Without giving too much away, the characters are actually endearing, the story elements are cleverly unpredictable, and of course, there's plenty of gore. Much like The Evil Dead, The Cabin in the Woods is not so much scary as it is a fun and twisted carnival of modern horror.

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