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Cars 2  


Lightning McQueen: Owen Wilson
Mater: Larry the Cable Guy
Finn McMissile: Michael Caine
Holley Shiftwell: Emily Mortimer
Sir Miles Axlerod: Eddie Izzard
Francesco Bernoulli: John Turturro
Review June 2011

The checkered flag is waving the opening of Pixar's latest animated adventure, Cars 2. The film reunites audiences with star racecar, Lightning McQueen, and his rusty sidekick, Mater. And on a much bigger scale, bringing in the excitement of the World Grand Prix. Lured away from the small town of Radiator Springs by an organic oilman, Lightning McQueen winds up racing against Italian rival, Francesco Bernoulli, all across the globe. And inadvertently, he and Mater land right smack in the middle of an international spy caper. With slick new cars, exotic locations, and a plethora of subliminal jokes, Cars 2 is extraordinary eye candy. A slight departure from the original, which took its time establishing characters and their surroundings, Cars 2 hits the gas with a simpler story about friendship, bolder visuals, good natured humor, and wall to wall action, making it a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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