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Cloud Atlas  


Goose-Hoggins: Tom Hanks
Jocasta-Luisa: Halle Berry
Molyneux-Cavendish: Jim Broadbent
Moore-Smoke: Hugo Weaving
Ewing-Highlander: Jim Sturgess
Review October 2012

If you've read the 2004 award winning novel, Cloud Atlas, by British author David Mitchell, you may have thought that a motion picture adaptation was impossible. The complexity and size of the project difficult to convey. But with the help of the Wachowskis and director Tom Tykwer, along with a terrific ensemble, and the largest independent budget in film history, Cloud Atlas has emerged on the big screen. A highly engaging and rewarding film that blends six unique stories from 1850 to 2346, each intricately connected to one another as characters are born and reborn, their souls evolving over different times and places - an American notary during the California Gold Rush, an investigative reporter looking into nuclear fallout in the 70's, and a post-apocalyptic tribesman. For all its shortcomings, you have to admire the imagination, philosophy, and courage behind Cloud Atlas, boldly going where few films dare to tread.

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