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Crazy Stupid Love  


Cal: Steve Carell
Jacob: Ryan Gosling
Emily: Julianne Moore
Hannah: Emma Stone
Kate: Marisa Tomei
Jessica: Analeigh Tipton
Robbie: Jonah Bobo
Review July 2011

Crazy Stupid Love is one of the most clever and enthusiastic romantic comedies of recent memory. With a sensational cast that includes Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and many more, the film depicts romance across many generations. At the top, there's Cal, who seems to be living the perfect life until his high school sweetheart abruptly asks for a divorce, sending him into the dating scene for the first time in decades. Along the way, he befriends Jacob, a thirtysomething womanizer who shows him how to dress and pick up women. Jacob unexpectedly meets his match - a young woman who sees through all of his tricks. And then there's Cal's 13 year old son, who falls head over heels for the babysitter. All of these relationships comingle and tangent in unexpected ways, showing the various degrees of Crazy Stupid Love. Even though the plotlines and characters are far too many, the enthusiasm and energy brought to screen by the actors is fun and well worth the price of admission.

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