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The Dark Knight Rises  


Bane: Tom Hardy
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Christian Bale
Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Anne Hathaway
Ra's Al Ghul: Liam Neeson
John Blake: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Commissioner Gordon: Gary Oldman
Marion Cotillard: Miranda
Lucius Fox: Morgan Freeman
Alfred: Michael Caine
Review July 2012

Absolutely no convincing is necessary when it comes to Christopher Nolan's third and final installment of the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. After taking the fall for district attorney, Harvey Dent, the caped crusader has gone into hiding as a recluse for nearly eight years. Meanwhile, Gotham City has cleaned up its act, putting thousands of bad guys behind bars. That is, until a masked muscleman named Bane attempts to destroy humanity by instigating class warfare. And Batman must return to save the day with the help of a few friends, including Catwoman. In dazzling IMAX, The Dark Knight Rises is a heavy, chaotic drama on a massive scale that tackles modern issues and concerns. Most notably, the gap between rich and poor. It's a satisfying finale for sure, but with the added complexity and length of story and the absence of Batman throughout most of the film, moviegoers may wonder where's all the fun? And like the Joker devilishly asked, "Why so serious?"

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