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In Darkness  


Leopold Socha: Robert Wieckiewicz
Mundek Margulies: Benno Furmann
Klara Keller: Agnieszka Grochowska
Paulina Chiger: Maria Schrader
Ignacy Chiger: Herbert Knaup
Yanek Grossman: Marcin Bosak
Wanda Socha: Kinga Preis
Review February 2012

Another Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film makes its way from Poland to the U.S. The film is called In Darkness and it depicts the harrowing tale of Leopold Socha, a sewer inspector by day and thief by night during the Nazi occupation of Lvov. At first, Socha wheels and deals, offering to hide refugees underground for a steep fee. But as the persecution of Jews reaches nightmarish levels, Socha realizes he has a moral obligation to help those in need. Much like Steven Spielberg's tale (Schindler's List) of an entrepreneur turned humanitarian hero, In Darkness depicts similar themes, emotions, and actions. The one shining difference here is that director Agnieszka Holland effectively explores Poland's ethnical diversity by bringing together German, Yiddish, Polish and Ukrainian characters and languages for added authenticity. Based on a true story, In the Sewers of Lvov by Robert Marshall, In Darkness is a suspenseful and somber tale of Holocaust heroism.

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