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The Debt  


Rachel Singer: Helen Mirren
Stephan Gold: Tom Wilkinson
David Peretz: Ciaran Hinds
Young Rachel: Jessica Chastain
Young Stephan: Marton Csokas
Young David: Sam Worthington
Doktor Bernhardt: Jesper Christensen
Review August 2011

Based on the 2007 Israeli film of the same name, The Debt is a complex spy thriller about three Mossad agents in 1966 sent into East Berlin to track down a Nazi war criminal known as the "surgeon of Birkenau." Flashing backwards and forward through time, 1966 to 1997, the film carefully reveals what happened during the "supposedly" successful mission then and the impacts to those involved now. Filled with unexpected plot twists, acts of revenge and retribution, regret, and a unique love triangle, The Debt is a highly engaging, nail biter from Academy Award nominated director, John Madden. Its only drawback is that it lacks a real credible, historical context. Starring Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson, along with terrific support from Sam Worthington and up and comer, Jessica Chastain, The Debt is a nifty little puzzler that satisfactorily pays off.

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