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The Dictator  


Aladeen/Efawadh: Sacha Baron Cohen
Zoey: Anna Faris
Tamir: Ben Kingsley
Nadal: Jason Mantzoukas
Clayton: John C. Reilly
Review May 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen's humor is not for everyone, oftentimes vulgar, obscene, and politically incorrect. From Ali G to Borat to Bruno. And now, The Dictator. In his latest film, Cohen plays a fictional North African dictator who takes pride in the oppression of his people and travels to New York City to explain his country's controversial nuclear program. Along the way, he avoids an assassination plot, but loses his beard and his identity. Stranded in America, he must work from scratch to regain control of his country. Unlike Cohen's prior films which thrived on outlandish improv and hidden camera antics, The Dictator is a scripted comedy from veteran director, Larry Charles. And while the story may be a bit conventional, the jokes and gags certainly are not. Everything from politics to feminism to celebrity. Cohen takes aim. And it makes The Dictator a different kind of Coming to America - provocative, uncomfortable, irreverent, and oftentimes, laugh out loud funny.

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