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Judge Dredd: Karl Urban
Anderson: Olivia Thirlby
Ma-Ma: Lena Headey
Review September 2012

The 1995 version of Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone was an imperfect blend of parody and action. But the latest reincarnation of John Wagner's street judge is much more robust, graphic, and simple. Even the title has been reduced to simply, Dredd. Here, Judge Dredd is ordered to investigate a triple homicide in the slums of Mega-City One, while also evaluating a rookie. Together, the two stumble upon a drug cartel and attempt to administer justice. With Karl Urban in the title role, Dredd foregoes the Hollywood blockbuster trademarks for grit and gore. Set almost entirely within a single high rise building, it invokes memories of Die Hard. It's minimalistic, unapologetic, and surprisingly suspenseful. Even in 3D. Much closer to the comic than its predecessor, this Dredd is guilty of entertainment.

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