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For a Good Time, Call...  


Lauren Powell: Lauren Anne Miller
Katie Steele: Ari Graynor
Charlie: James Wolk
Jesse: Justin Long
Review August 2012

It's a title you'd expect to see on the wall of a truck stop restroom: For a Good Time, Call... the resulting number indicating some sort of sexual rendezvous. Here, For a Good Time, Call... represents a Sundance favorite about two college enemies thrown together under the same roof. Desperate to make end's meat, they agree to start their own phone sex operation and through their adventures and business pursuits, become genuine friends. Falling somewhere between Bridesmaids and Zack & Miri Make a Porno, For a Good Time stars two up and coming comediennes, Lauren Anne Miller and Ari Graynor. Even though the film plays out like a formulaic sitcom, it does have its moments as this female friendly comedy is filled with lots of charm and raunchy laughs. Not to mention, a hilarious onslaught of clientele cameos you simply won't want to miss.

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