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The Forgiveness of Blood  


Nik: Tristan Halilaj
Rudina: Sindi Lacej
Review February 2012

Percy vs. Neville. Campbell vs. MacDonald. Hatfield and McCoy - some of the most famous blood feuds in history - an ancient ritual very much alive in present day Albania, a country transitioning between primitive customs and modern advancements. Directed by Joshua Marston, who also delivered the potent Maria Full of Grace, The Forgiveness of Blood, tells the tragic tale of a teenager forced to live under house arrest after a land dispute goes south and his father goes missing. Patiently, he must wait for a mediator to be assigned to resolve the neighborly feud before it escalates into violence - a process that could take many years. A film of stark contrasts, The Forgiveness of Blood, is suspenseful and visually enlightening, balancing old constraints with new freedoms. Horse drawn carts versus motorcycles. Word of mouth against cell phones and the Internet. And effectively equates the lack of progress to a prison.

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