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Griff the Invisible  


Griff: Ryan Kwanten
Melody: Maeve Dermody
Benson: Marshall Napier
Bronwyn: Heather Mitchell
Tony: Toby Schmitz
Review August 2011

No doubt, we've had our fill of superhero movies over the past few years. Action packed extravaganzas with special effects and superhuman feats. But Griff the Invisible is not one of those. Hailing from down under, the film is an unpredictable, unexpected romantic comedy. Starring Ryan Kwanten of HBO's hit vampire series, "True Blood," Griff the Invisible is about a shy and rather eccentric office worker by day who assumes a super identity at night to escape the pressures of the real world. And then, risks it all when he falls for a beautiful scientist named Melody, who shares many of the same everyday struggles. Will their love prevail? Will fantasy win over reality? With lots of charm and humor, Griff the Invisible is a quirky and sophisticated romance in disguise. And acts as a metaphor, showing the importance of being yourself and having the courage to live life openly, honestly, and quite visibly.

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