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The Interrupters  


Eddie Bocanegra: Himself
Ameena Matthews: Herself
Ricardo 'Cobe' Williams: Himself
Tio Hardiman: Himself
Gary Slutkin: Himself
Review August 2011

From the acclaimed director of Hoop Dreams comes The Interrupters, an incredible documentary that focuses on the efforts of three ex-convicts who routinely walk the streets of Chicago trying to talk gang members out of senseless violence. These men and women are called "Interrupters" and bravely impart their experiences and wisdom on today's troubled youth, intervening in times of escalating conflict and denouncing the allure of easy money and violent retaliation. Much more harrowing than Scared Straight!, The Interrupters goes directly into the war zone, amidst drug deals, knife fights, drive by shootings, and other acts of criminal behavior. And attempts to capture the behavioral factors that lead to violence in America. Powerful and poignant, The Interrupters demands your attention all the while demonstrating what great documentary filmmaking is all about - a hopeful vehicle for change.

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