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We Need to Talk About Kevin  


Eva Khatchadourian: Tilda Swinton
Franklin: John C. Reilly
Kevin, teenager: Ezra Miller
Kevin, 6-8 years: Jasper Newell
Kevin, toddler: Rock Duer
Review January 2012

In Lynne Ramsey's adaptation of We Need to Talk About Kevin, Tilda Swinton delivers one of the finest performances of her career in this horrifying tale of a mother traumatized by the evil actions of her teenage son. Tormented by guilt, regret, and sadness, Eva searches for answers, reliving Kevin's life from the unwanted pregnancy to the unspeakable acts of a sociopath. Is Kevin's behavior the result of neglect, a lack of love or nurturing? Or is it possible for a child to be born with a hateful gene? This is the question that Ramsey analyzes through the lens of Eva. Every shortcoming, every maternal instinct gone awry. And Tilda Swinton conveys a pain and torment so real, it's hard to look away. An intense psychological thriller, We Need to Talk About Kevin is a disturbing exploration of every parent's worst nightmare.

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