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Life in a Day  


Cindy Baer: Herself
Mojca Brecelj: Herself
Caryn Waechter: Herself
Hiroaki Aikawa: Himself
Drake Shannon: Himself
David Jacques: Himself
Review July 2011

For most of us, July 24, 2010, was a normal, yet mostly forgettable midsummer's day. But under the microscope of the internet, many extraordinary things happened - from newborns and weddings to acts of heroism and tragedy. Life happened. Sifting through 4500 hours of film on YouTube, Academy Award winning director Kevin Macdonald has compiled an extraordinary documentary shot by amateur filmmakers like you, all over the world. Entitled Life in a Day, the film captures a breadth of emotion from pure joy to sadness, relief, and laughter. And asks questions like: What do you fear most? What do you love? Or something as trivial as what's in your pocket? From skydivers to Elvis impersonators, a Moscow daredevil, and a Korean cyclist - the film is playfully optimistic in its depiction of humanity. With meticulous editing by Joe Walker, Life in a Day is a wonderfully uplifting account of what it means to be human. To be free. To be alive. And hopeful of what tomorrow brings.

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