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Joe: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Old Joe: Bruce Willis
Sara: Emily Blunt
Seth: Paul Dano
Abe: Jeff Daniels
Review September 2012

Rarely has time travel been depicted without some sort of paradox. But in director Rian Johnson's latest film, Looper, you'd be hard pressed to find one. The story takes place in the year 2044, where Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a looper, a hired gun who is paid by the mob to eliminate potential threats. The mob uses time travel to send their targets back to a specific time and place where a looper is waiting to kill them. That is, until the target is actually the looper. Here, Bruce Willis plays the future version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt who escapes and causes a thrilling man hunt. Meticulously assembled, Looper is an audacious project that blends dark comedy with old fashion action and a splash of romance. On screen, Gordon-Levitt and Willis are dynamic together, as intentions are laid out and survival instincts kick in. All of which makes Looper a very fulfilling sci-fi adventure that certainly knows how to close the loop.

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