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Martha Marcy May Marlene  


Martha: Elizabeth Olsen
Watts: Brady Corbet
Ted: Hugh Dancy
Lucy: Sarah Paulson
Patrick: John Hawkes
Review October 2011

More than an alliterative mouthful, Martha Marcy May Marlene is a psychological thriller about the paranoia that plagues a young woman after she leaves an abusive cult. After being out of touch for several years, Marcy reunites with her older sister and her sister's husband at their Connecticut lake house. However, the details of Marcy's disappearance remain mysterious until her nightmares and memories are relived in vivid detail. Starring Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of the famed Olsen twins, Martha Marcy is a smart depiction of the lingering effects of brainwashing and control, the verbal and physical abuse of cults, and the difficulty in breaking free. With terrific, lucid scenery and a mesmerizing performance from Olsen, Martha Marcy May Marlene is an ambiguous, yet startling tale of post-cult trauma.

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