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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol  


Ethan Hunt: Tom Cruise
Hendricks: Michael Nyqvist
Jane: Paula Patton
Benji: Simon Pegg
Brandt: Jeremy Renner
Hanaway: Josh Holloway
Review December 2011

The theme song is unmistakable, accentuating the action and intrigue that comprise the Mission: Impossible series. In the 4th installment entitled Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt. And this time, he brings along famed animation director, Brad Bird, responsible for such works as Iron Giant and The Incredibles. In this installment, the IMF is implicated in a bombing at the Kremlin and shut down. To clear their name and diffuse the tension between the U.S. and Russians, Ethan is forced to invoke ghost protocol, assembling a team of specialists off the grid to stop a madman from starting a nuclear war. While the storyline in MI4 offers nothing new and the characters are fairly static, the action is flawless - sizzling sequences like an old fashioned prison break and a vertigo induced expedition outside the tallest building in the world. As a result, Ghost Protocol succeeds in its mission, delivering one of the most entertaining, testosterone infused adventures of the year.

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