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Moonrise Kingdom  


Sam: Jared Gilman
Suzy: Kara Hayward
Scout Master Ward: Edward Norton
Captain Sharp: Bruce Willis
Commander Pierce: Harvey Keitel
Social Services: Tilda Swinton
Laura Bishop: Frances McDormand
Walt Bishop: Bill Murray
Cousin Ben: Jason Schwartzman
Review May 2012

First love is a magical thing, especially when envisioned by Wes Anderson, known for such works as Rushmore and Fantastic Mr. Fox. In his latest, Moonrise Kingdom, two twelve year olds, Sam and Suzy, fall in love and decide to escape their dysfunctions at home to spend a week alone in the wilderness. Of course, their disappearance creates quite a stir and turns their island community on its head as a search party consisting of social services, a scout troop, the local police, and their parents attempt to find them before a hurricane hits. Fans of Anderson will no doubt be pleased to see him back in his wheelhouse with Moonrise Kingdom - fixed camera angles, quirky characters, and meticulous production design. Even though complexity of character and plot are overshadowed by Anderson's artistic flair, Moonrise Kingdom is enchanting nonetheless. A whimsical tale about a different kind of storm - adolescence before adulthood.

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