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Elizabeth Shaw: Noomi Rapace
David: Michael Fassbender
Meredith Vickers: Charlize Theron
Janek: Idris Elba
Peter Weyland: Guy Pearce
Charlie Holloway: Logan Marshall-Green
Review June 2012

In space, no one can hear you scream. It's the famous tagline from Ridley Scott's classic science fiction horror, Alien. And after a 30 year hiatus, Scott returns to the genre with Prometheus, a familiar looking story about the origins of mankind. The year is 2093 and aboard the spaceship Prometheus is a crew consisting of a few scientists, a captain, a business woman, and of course, an android. Their mission takes them to a distant planet replete with cave paintings, lots of sticky residue, and a statue of a human head. Was Darwin right, was there divine intervention, or did extraterrestrials hold the key to the human race? These questions help build the suspense of Prometheus, a sophisticated looking picture with plenty of thrills and chills. Even though the clich?s are overly abundant, it's gratifying to see Ridley Scott once more serving up aliens in style.

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