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Puss in Boots  


Puss in Boots: Antonio Banderas
Kitty Softpaws: Salma Hayek
Humpty Dumpty: Zach Galifianakis
Jack: Billy Bob Thornton
Jill: Amy Sedaris
Review October 2011

A long time ago in a far away place, there lived an ogre named Shrek, whose stories became as tired as Rip Van Winkle. In an attempt to reinvigorate the fairy tale world, Dreamworks Animation presents Puss in Boots, a 90 minute adventure about the clever, swashbuckling feline. In the film, Puss is a wanted cat, working in conjunction with Humpty Dumpty and the feisty Kitty Softpaws to redeem himself. The mission? Steal three magic beans from evil giants, Jack and Jill. Then, climb the beanstalk to the castle in the clouds, secure the golden goose, and use the eggs to save the innocent. Channeling the latin allure and sophistication of Antonio Banderas, as well as playful voiceovers from Salma Hayek and Zack Galifianakis, Puss in Boots has the same colorful touches, dashing swordplay, and pleasant humor found in the original Shrek, without going overboard. For a fairy tale slash prequel slash spinoff, Puss in Boots is the cat's meow.

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