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Robot and Frank  


Frank: Frank Langella
Hunter: James Marsden
Madison: Liv Tyler
Jennifer: Susan Sarandon
Robot: Peter Sarsgaard
Jake: Jeremy Strong
Review August 2012

It's easy to see why Robot & Frank was one of the crowd favorites at Sundance this year. Starring Frank Langella and set in the not too distant future, the film tells the story of a former cat burglar aptly named Frank, who begins to develop dementia. Worried about his increasing memory loss and overall health, his son purchases a humanoid robot to look after him. At first, Frank rejects the good natured robot. But over time, the two develop a strong and unique friendship. Toggling between Frank's hardened views and the robot's upbeat personality, Robot & Frank uncovers humor and tenderness as the two rough exteriors come together, battling age, emotion, and unwanted change. This is human and artificial intelligence coexisting in the most graceful and meaningful way. A way that would make Isaac Asimov very proud.

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