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Ruby Sparks  


Calvin Weir-Fields: Paul Dano
Ruby Sparks: Zoe Kazan
Harry: Chris Messina
Gertrude: Annette Bening
Mort: Antonio Banderas
Cyrus Modi: Aasif Mandvi
Langdon Tharp: Steve Coogan
Dr. Rosenthal: Elliott Gould
Review July 2012

What happens when the girl of your dreams becomes your real life girlfriend? And through the written word, you have the ability to control her every move? In Ruby Sparks, the latest indie darling from the creators of Little Miss Sunshine, a successful, young novelist suddenly loses his edge. Unable to write and distraught over his love life, he decides to jot down the qualities and characteristics of his ideal mate only to find the embodiment of his words sitting right there on his couch. Starring Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan, Ruby Sparks is more than a magical amusement of literary imagination. Through Kazan's clever writing, the film also depicts an intriguing dilemma about respect, control, and compromise in relationships. Some might call it a bit of Weird Science, but Ruby Sparks is the fantasy of every novelist - a charming escape for book lovers and romanticists alike.

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