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A Separation  


Razieh: Sareh Bayat
Simin: Leila Hatami
Termeh: Sarina Farhadi
Nader: Peyman Moadi
Miss Ghahraii: Merila Zarei
Review January 2012

The spotlight on international cinema hones in on a sensational drama from Iran called A Separation. In the film, a woman files for divorce from her husband because she wishes to relocate the family abroad to pursue better opportunities. Meanwhile, her husband is insistent on staying put in order to take care of his ailing father. When the divorce request is dismissed, a series of unexpected events occurs that places each character in a unique moral dilemma. Tackling issues of pride, religion, money, and social class, the beauty of A Separation is that there is no obvious villain. With each predicament, the characters are put through a psychological grinder, attempting to distinguish between right and wrong. Politics aside, director Asghar Farhadi offers a fascinating, impartial view of modern Iran. And more importantly, through a compelling narrative, offers a fascinating view of modern families in general. All of which helps distinguish A Separation from the pack as one of the very best foreign language films of the year.

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