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Brandon Sullivan: Michael Fassbender
Sissy Mulligan: Carey Mulligan
David: James Badge Dale
Review December 2011

Not to be confused with the legendary actor and 'King of Cool,' minimalistic director Steve McQueen delivers Shame, a stunning portrait featuring actor/muse Michael Fassbender, whom you may recall from standout roles in Inglourious Basterds and X-Men: First Class. In Shame, Fassbender plays a thirtysomething New Yorker named Brandon Sullivan, a sex addict whose compulsive behavior is inconvenienced when his younger sister (played by Carey Mulligan) unexpectedly moves in. Conquest after conquest, Brandon becomes more and more desperate, ultimately spiraling out of control. Dark and difficult, Shame is not really a redemptive film, but a heavy, reflective one. And while it may have earned an NC-17 rating for adult content, this mesmerizing drama is not so much about sex as it is about addiction. And the urges and impulses that shape the human condition.

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