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Snow White and the Huntsman  


Snow White: Kristen Stewart
The Huntsman: Chris Hemsworth
Ravenna: Charlize Theron
William: Sam Claflin
Finn: Sam Spruell
Review May 2012

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which movie adaptation is fairest of them all? Following in the footsteps of the Julia Roberts' farce, Mirror Mirror, comes Snow White and the Huntsman, a much darker revision of the beloved fairy tale. Here, an older Snow White is held captive by her father's second wife, a cruel and evil Queen who fears losing her beauty and must drink the blood of virgins to restore it. So when the fairest of them all escapes, the Queen sends the Huntsmen out to bring Snow White back to the castle and ultimately, preserve her youth. Without question, Snow White and the Huntsman is a visual pleasure. The costumes, the landscapes, and the effects are all colorful and creative. However, the film is slightly off in the character and story departments - areas that could have benefitted from complexity over fairy tale simplicity. It's not enough to turn the film into a bad apple, but ironically, reduces Snow White and the Huntsman to a superficial beauty.

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