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John Bennett: Mark Wahlberg
Lori Collins: Mila Kunis
Ted: Seth MacFarlane
Rex: Joel McHale
Donny: Giovanni Ribisi
Guy: Patrick Warburton
Review June 2012

From the creator of "Family Guy" comes Ted, a twisted comedy starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and one foul mouthed teddy bear. The film is about a young boy named John who makes a Christmas wish to bring his one and only friend, a stuffed bear named Ted, to life. When the wish comes true, they become best friends. But later in life, John finds himself torn between relationships - keeping his long time girlfriend or his friendship with the inappropriate bear. Representing the feature debut from Seth MacFarlane, Ted is outrageous and vulgar. But also, surprisingly sweet. Much of that is attributed to MacFarlane's sensibilities and the straight play and charm of Wahlberg and Kunis. With an outlandish premise and a high degree of cuddly inappropriateness, Ted is a guilty pleasure, devilishly wrong and yet, oh so right.

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