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Terri: Jacob Wysocki
Mr. Fitzgerald: John C. Reilly
Chad: Bridger Zadina
Uncle James: Creed Bratton
Heather Miles: Olivia Crocicchia
Review June 2011

It should come as no surprise that a coming-of-age indie about a misfit struggling through his high school days alone would become an instant hit at the Sundance Film Festival. But director Azazel Jacobs' film, Terri, isn't the traditional high school drama about freaks and geeks. Starring John C. Reilly and newcomer, Jacob Wysocki, the film is more of a lyrical tale of loneliness vs. togetherness. An oversized teenager named Terri lives in a cluttered house in the forest. He wears pajamas to school and takes care of his sick Uncle. Ridiculed by his classmates, he finds a unique friendship with the school principal, who helps him adjust to life's challenges. While the film moves a lot slower than necessary, there is a tranquil beauty in Tobias Datum's cinematography and a wholesomeness in the film's main characters that rises about the clich?s and with a touch of humor, makes Terri's maturity both subtle and sincere.

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