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Thor: Chris Hemsworth
Jane Foster: Natalie Portman
Loki: Tom Hiddleston
Odin: Anthony Hopkins
Agent Coulson: Clark Gregg
Review May 2011

The Mighty Thor, one of Marvel Universe's lesser known heroes, gets the big screen treatment in a bold, earth rattling way. In the mythical realm of Asgard, an ancient war is reignited when the young warrior known as Thor reacts to a threat against his people by blindly retaliating. As punishment, he is banished to Earth to live among humans. Stripped of his immortality, he must learn humility and prudence. Directed by Shakespearean pro, Kenneth Branagh, Thor is an epic adventure of the classical sense, blending Norse mythology with human drama, romance, and a splash of hammer time. Although the content is a bit overwhelming at times, the film benefits from bold visuals and sound, along with solid performances by Aussie sensation, Chris Hemsworth, and a supporting cast befitting a god of thunder.

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