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Tower Heist  


Josh Kovacs: Ben Stiller
Slide: Eddie Murphy
Charlie: Casey Affleck
Arthur Shaw: Alan Alda
Mr. Fitzhugh: Matthew Broderick
Odessa: Gabourey Sidibe
Review November 2011

Right smack in middle of the Occupy Wall Street protests, the Bernie Madoff scandals, and woeful tales of corporate greed, comes Tower Heist, the perfect caper for such a dismal economic climate. In the film, a group of co-workers decide to exact revenge on those responsible for swindling them out of their pensions. So, together they create an elaborate plan led by Ben Stiller's Josh Kovacs, to break into the corporate tower and steal $20 million, rumored to be stashed away by Tower executive, Arthur Shaw. Along the way, the co-workers realize they need help from a real criminal to pull off the job, which is where Eddie Murphy's character Slide comes in. Even though Tower Heist presents nothing new in terms of story and can't always sustain its energetic pace, it does provide a lot of action and plenty of laughs. Most notably, through the triumphant return of the rude and crude antics of Eddie Murphy.

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