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The Tree of Life  


Mr. O'Brien: Brad Pitt
Mrs. O'Brien: Jessica Chastain
Jack: Sean Penn
Young Jack: Hunter McCracken
Review July 2011

Filled with nostalgia, classical music, and very little dialogue, The Tree of Life might not be the right film for everyone. But it is certainly one of the most introspective. Directed by Terrence Malick, who also did Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line, the film depicts the journey of life taken by the O'Brien family in a sleepy Texas town in the 1950's. Specifically, it follows the upbringing of their eldest son, Jack, from his carefree days as a child to his disillusionment as an adult. And his attempt to reconcile a complex relationship with his father (played by Brad Pitt) - a stern disciplinarian with many imperfections of his own. Through the use of stunning imagery and carefully orchestrated music, Malick takes us on a beautiful voyage of sight and sound across the universe, waxing philosophically on the meaning of life, the existence of faith, and the passage of time. One of the best films of the year thus far, The Tree of Life is an extraordinary achievement in storytelling that will captivate your inner sense of being.

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