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Montrail 'Money' Brown: Himself
O.C. Brown: Himself
Bill Courtney: Himself
Chavis Daniels: Himself
Review February 2012

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, Undefeated is a remarkable drama that focuses on an inner city school in Memphis, TN. Specifically, the Manassas High school football team, a team that has never won a playoff game in its 110 year history. And even went so far as to sell home games to the highest bidder at one point. But in 2004, a former coach turned businessman came to the rescue. Under Bill Courtney's leadership, the team rebuilt its confidence, discipline, and character on and off the field. And began to win games. Even though familiar themes abound, as depicted in melodramas like "Friday Night Lights" or The Blind Side, Undefeated is still inspiring and very emotional. Thanks to nifty editing and direction, we experience the financial hardships, family tragedies, learning obstacles, and anger and frustration up close. And watch carefully as the students persevere in the game of life. Yes, Undefeated may be familiar. But it is an unscripted, unadulterated score.

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