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Tommy Conlon: Tom Hardy
Brendan Conlon: Joel Edgerton
Paddy Conlon: Nick Nolte
Tess Conlon: Jennifer Morrison
Frank Campana: Frank Grillo
Review September 2011

Just when you thought the whole Rocky genre had been played out, along comes Warrior, a rough and tough drama about two brothers - ex-Marine Tommy Conlon and former teacher, Brendan Conlon, who return to their home town of Pittsburgh to compete in a mixed martial arts event called Sparta, where the winner takes all in a series of violent cage matches. While the influences are many and the story seemingly predictable, director Gavin O'Connor maintains a unique approach of gritty redemption. From desperate street life to brutal carnage in the ring, Warrior holds nothing back. A heavy family drama that benefits from a trio of award worthy performances from Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as the two brothers. And Nick Nolte as their father, a recovering alcoholic battling his own demons. With great intensity, Warrior is a pleasant surprise, capturing the heart and spirit of a champion.

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