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The Whistleblower  


Kathryn Bolkovac: Rachel Weisz
Madeleine Rees: Vanessa Redgrave
Laura Leviani: Monica Bellucci
Peter Ward: David Strathairn
Review August 2011

Based on a true story, The Whistleblower is a heavy political thriller involving human trafficking. Starring Academy Award winner, Rachel Weisz, the film depicts the efforts of Kathy Bolkovac, a Nebraska police officer who takes a job as a peacekeeper with the UN in post-war Bosnia only to stumble upon a dangerous reality rife with diplomatic corruption. Most disturbing, Bolkovac discovers that teenage girls are being lured to bars and brothels for sex while the UN and its security contractors, sworn to protect the people, are directly involved. While the style and pacing of the film may be similar to others in the thriller genre, what distinguishes The Whistleblower is its unflinching realism. Here, graphic violence serves a purpose as a courageous woman risks her life to expose inhumane acts all the while confronting a system devoid of ethics and accountability. Powerful and purposeful, The Whistleblower is shocking for the sake of a higher truth.

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