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Wreck-It Ralph  


Wreck-It Ralph: John C. Reilly
Fix-It Felix: Jack McBrayer
Venellope von Schweetz: Sarah Silverman
Sergeant Calhoun: Jane Lynch
King Candy: Alan Tudyk
Review October 2012

From the 8-bit arcade games of the 80s and 90s that saw iconic characters like Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario spring to life comes Wreck-It Ralph, the latest animated adventure from Walt Disney that pays homage to those early joys of video gaming. Much like Donkey Kong, Wreck-It Ralph is a hard coded bad guy. But after 30 years of seeing his counterpart, Fix-It Felix, always saving the day, he yearns for a change. And thus, decides to escape his game in the hopes of becoming a hero himself - a journey that takes him from the trenches of Hero's Duty to the high speed thrills of Sugar Rush. Taking a page from Pixar, Wreck-It Ralph gives its 2 dimensional characters a conscience. And as a result, real emotions and drama ensue. With colorful animation, spirited voiceovers, and plenty of in-jokes and cameos, Wreck-It Ralph has plenty of amusements for everyone - a cleverly conceived, coin operated machine.

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