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How is it possible that almost everyone that I know have birthdays around the same time? February is a short month but there is a birthday to celebrate almost every day, this usually means loads of parties and fun events but it also has a negative effect on the wallet unfortunately. Birthday parties usually involve playing silly games and acting like teenagers again! I personally really like these kind of parties, its such a great feeling letting lose and forgetting all about the boring days that are all work and things you don’t really feel like doing but still don’t have another choice but to do! I ususally play free scratch cards when I feel like making every day a little bit extra special.

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Making Extra Cash while Having Fun at the Party

I actually think free scratch cards could be a great addition to our coming birthday parties, they are fun and exciting and if anyone feel like making some extra cash it’s the perfect and easiest way to do it! There are a huge variety of different websites for free scratch cards but one of my personal favourites that I also think will be really suitable for our birthday parties is ok scratch cards! One of the reasons is the amazing game Happy Birthday, it is a fun and playful game with free scratch cards. The design is colourful and you have loads of fun features that goes hand in hand with any successful birthday party! The game works like most online scratch card games, your goal is to match 3 identical symbols in order to bring home a fabulous jackpot prize! One game contains 9 squares and you can play together and take turns on who scratches the next square, but remember to decide beforehand how any potential jackpot will be split among you all! While playing you might also encounter the crazy birthday clown, if you do the clown can actually multiply your winnings so you should really keep your eyes open for him!

Free Scratch Cards

Free scratch cards at ok scratch cards are truly great and you have so many fun games to choose from. All of the games available are made in a beautiful design and have features that make the game experience something really extraordinary! If you are not looking for free scratch cards in particular then you can play all the games and make a deposit and maybe become the next lucky person that bring home a fantastic jackpot prize! Ok scratch cards is a great site and I really love the fact that you can play free scratch cards as much as you want and enjoy so many amazing games that ok scratch cards has to offer!