Snakes and Ladders Online Games


Earlier this month Neogames released a new game called Snakes and Ladders, based on the fun children’s board game.

Snakes and Ladders Game

OK Scratch Cards is still one of the leading neogames branded casino sites with over 200 of their bestselling games including slots, instant win and online scratch cards. Sometimes they release a new title that transcends all the typical game elements we are used to seeing and they inject fresh, innovative and enjoyable features as is the case with Snakes and Ladders.


I am sure that most of us are familiar with the classic style board game and can appreciate  how Neogames went about creating and adding an online gambling feeling to this old and timeless game. 


Just like the original players need to roll a dice and move the 3 characters through the virtual game maze. They have added a couple new design elements to this scratch cards and instant win game, like the ability to either move 1 player at a time or the 3 together.


Either method will end up with the same result it just depends on how much patience each player has, neogames have also included a turbo button that speeds up the animated sequences once the dice have been rolled.


Snakes and Ladders has been rolled out across the Neogames suite of casino sites and can be located in their new games section of their lobby.



ScratchMania run their own unique proprietry software on their site so the one thing you always can rely on that their games are exclusivley available on their site.


Their decision to keep everything in house puts them in a position that allows them to offer some of the best deals in the industry. Also all of the games on their site, whether a slots or online scratch cards title will have totally different look and feel which is another appealing element of scratchmania.


Pizzeria is a great scratch game that uses an Italian Pizzeria as an interesting and delicious looking theme. Just as in a regular real world pizzeria players get the chance to order up to 4 slices of pizza and if there is an amount under the slice then you win. Players can up the stakes by increasing the amount on each card but this can be also be an easy way to quickly depleat credits so I suggest to watch carefully.


During my sessions I noted that the speed with which the platform and animation was super fast and had no lag in sound either. Whatever ScratchMaina are doing, they are doing well and with a keen focus on customer service and casino player retention.